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Hotard Huddle Podcast (Ep26) – Kicking Covid with Coffee and Soccer with Herb DeLeon

Tune in to episode 26 of the Hotard Huddle Podcast. I talk with Herb DeLeon about his business Coffee and Norco and how they have successfully responded to the pandemic. They opened in December 2019 after Starbucks put another store out of the previous location. However, they were quickly met with the pandemic so that forced them to adapt and change.

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Covid Lies: Sweden, Unemployment, Causes of Death and Your Chance of Not Dying From Covid

Another weekend in the books and more arguing with idiots on the internet. It’s just becoming laughable at this point. Maybe a little sad on my part for the effort I put in, but I don’t care. Misinformation is getting real freaking old. My favorite part regarding the misinformation is always the people who can’t actually defend what is being

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