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Nicholls Grad Uses Night Club Security Experience to Finish Second in Scriptapalooza

Former Nicholls graduate, Joseph “Nate” Welch, turns experience working in New Orleans night clubs into a second place finish in one of the nation’s biggest screen writing competitions. Welch, who now works for NCIS: New Orleans, entered a pilot episode of his own show “SECURITY” into the Scriptapalooza TV writing completion, which had over 600 applicants. He and longtime friend […]

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Top 5 Movie Quotes

I am a walking movie quote. I am fluent in that language, which is why I get a ton of stupid looks damn near every day of my life. It is a disease really… All it takes is one word that reminds me of a movie quote and my mouth just reacts. That makes this topic very fitting. For as […]

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25 Best Bromances of All Time

In honor of National Best Friends Day (June 8), I have decided to compile a top 25 list of the best bromances ever. A bromance is a close, but nonsexual relationship between two men. Some of the major signs you are in a bromantic relationship may include nicknames for each other. One of my personal favorites is “hey, you fucking […]