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Hotard Huddle March Madness Final Four Results – Winner Announced

Happy quarantine Friday everyone. What a week it has been with all the Coronavirus mess. Let’s have some fun and take our minds off that for a minute. Earlier today, I posted the elite 8 and how each bracket played out. Some surprised, some not so surprises. THIS IS MARCH MADNESS BABYYYY (Dick Vitale voice)! Let’s start with the Final

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TV Show Character March Madness: Sweet 16

SWEET 16 voting begins now! For a full view of the tourney tree, click the link below… http://www.challonge.com/hotardhuddletvshowcharacters You can submit your votes for the first round the following ways: Email – hotardhuddle@gmail.com Text – If you are fortunate enough to be my friend and have my number, that route is fine. If you are one of those few, you’re welcome.

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Sports Movie Character March Madness: Winner and Full Results

First and foremost, it was awesome to watch the results of the tournament unfold. I predicted three of the Final Four. But there were still some pretty interesting votes and surprised. I appreciate all the participation and voting. If you didn’t, you’re a stupid idiot and you just made the list. Here are the full results, my picks will have the

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