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  • Mock Draft 2.0 (Fictional Football Players)

    Mock Draft 2.0 (Fictional Football Players)

    It’s an oldie, but goodie. This is the Mock Draft 2.0 with a twist…we are drafting fictional players. I will include trades in this one and give a short breakdown with a draft grade.

  • Mock Draft 1.0 (No Trades)

    Mock Draft 1.0 (No Trades)

    If you have read this blog before, you know my love for the NFL Draft and everything that surrounds it. It is one of my 3 favorite sports days of the year. We are two weeks away from every NFL fan’s Christmas Day. I love filling out mock drafts. I love the anticipation before the…

  • Not So Monday Morning Thoughts: Super Bowl 2022

    Not So Monday Morning Thoughts: Super Bowl 2022

    One more Not So Monday Morning Thoughts coming as I am recapping all things Super Bowl. Every year, I always am left with the feeling of wanting more throughout the course of the NFL season. The conclusion is always epic and has me begging for the next season. So considering me counting down the days…