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Divisional Round Madness and the OT Options

It has been a hot minute since writing anything. After the eye popping, mind blowing and face melting weekend of football we just witnessed, here I am. Holy shit, what […]

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My Thoughts on NFL's New Anthem Policy

The NFL had quite the week announcing several changes to policies and rules. Some of the biggest changes were what constitutes as an illegal tackle and more importantly the dreaded discussion of whether or not players can kneel during the National Anthem to protest injustices in the United States. In short, the rules basically states the following… Players and teams […]

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What I Would Say To High School Me

Two things happened over the weekend that inspired me to write this… I watched Season 4 Episode 11 of One Tree Hill this weekend where everyone reflects on high school and talks about their futures. They discuss their fears, what drives them and what they hope to do before finishing high school. All the important stuff to a 17-year-old kid. […]

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Thank You 2017 for Finn, Personal Training and more. Bring on 2018, it is about to be lit.

Insert proverbial “wow, what a year 2017 was.” But seriously, what a freaking year? We lost Frank Vincent, you know the guy who coined the famous “Go home and get your fucking shine box!” in the hit movie Goodfellas. Donald Trump was elected president and the whole world laughed. People are getting offended more easily than ever. Colin Kaepernick burned […]