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Hotard Huddle March Madness – TV Show Bracket (Based on Streaming Service)

VOTE NOW! Day 2 and we have TV Shows up next!! By week’s end, we will have our winner for Hotard Huddle March Madness 2020. Here’s how the voting works… […]

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Just Some Bullshit Movie Survey

I have been seeing this survey float around the Facebook world as of late so I figured why the hell not? By all means, please feel free to comment your answers to these questions. Obviously your opinion would be wrong though. Movie I Hate the Most: Twilight  Best Character: Who cares? It sucked. Best Scene: Credits Best Line: The Credits […]

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13 Reasons Why (Contains Spoilers)…Bullying, Suicide and High School

Hey. It’s Michael. Michael Hotard. Don’t leave this page or turn off whatever device you’re reading this from. It’s me, and my thoughts. No turning back. No rules. And unfiltered. Get a snack. Settle in. Because I am about to tell you the emotional roller coaster I felt watching 13 Reasons Why. More specifically, the serious issues this show touches on […]