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5 Best Christmas Movies

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is the movies, both the mainstream and Hallmark movies. Yeah I like the Hallmark movies too so suck it. I love Christmas and I love movies. So here we go… 5. The Santa Clause  I watched this movie just the other day. It never gets old. Tim Allen killed Santa so he put […]

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Top 5 Bandwagon Fans

Bandwagon fans in sports are just the absolute worst, aren’t they? I mean they cheer on their teams when things are good, but when things are not so good, they are nowhere to be found. For die-hards, the term “bandwagon” is the last thing they ever want to hear. It basically means you only care when the team is doing […]

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Top 5 Movie Quotes

I am a walking movie quote. I am fluent in that language, which is why I get a ton of stupid looks damn near every day of my life. It is a disease really… All it takes is one word that reminds me of a movie quote and my mouth just reacts. That makes this topic very fitting. For as […]

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5 Places I want to Visit

Here we are for the third and final top 5 selected by you. It is no secret that 99.99% of my vacations are in the happiest place on Earth, Disney World. Despite my undying love for the magic, there are several parts of the world I would love to visit that you can’t find in Magic Kingdom. However, you can find […]