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Bullied Boy’s Video Goes Viral, Controversy Begins – Let’s Keep the Issue of Bullying At Hand Though

I saw the video being shared yesterday with a 9-year-old boy (Quaden Bayles), who has a form of dwarfism, hysterically upset because he is tired of getting bullied. I knew before watching it that I would regret doing so. You can hear the kid audibly say he wanted to die and that he wishes someone would just kill him. Comedian

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A Message To Parents: You Better Not Pout About My Child’s “Santa Presents” and I’m Telling You Why

The holiday season is here. Much like everything else in 2019, it is filled with controversy whether it is using the term “Christmas” or “Happy Holidays,” being commercialized, being recognized nationally, Black Santa and much more. I love Christmas and I love the holiday season. Christmas music has been playing my house for months now. I love exchanging gifts Christmas

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