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  • How A Fear of the Gym Turned Into Success and a Healthier Lifestyle

    Working in sales at Anytime Fitness in Luling, I like to think I have a formidable understanding about people from all walks of life. I see people who are younger, older, shorter, taller, skinnier and not so skinny. I refuse to say the F word and I am not talking about fuck. The other one.…

  • The New Hotard Huddle – Choose the next Top 5 Column

    Check out this quick video about the new Hotard Huddle website as I explain all of the new features. Also what I want everyone to do is comment on this video with a new top 5 column you would like to see and I will select one at random!

  • Journalism: A life I am happy I left behind

    As I approach the one year anniversary of the Hotard Huddle this month, this post marks the 100th of the blog. I didn’t want to do something sports, WWE or entertainment related. I wanted to do something a little more personal. When I began this blog, my very first post talked about what the Hotard…