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  • Initial Reaction to the Anthony Davis Trade

    Initial Reaction to the Anthony Davis Trade

    News broke within the last 2-3 hours that New Orleans Pelicans Superstar Anthony Davis’ wish came true as he heads west to the Los Angeles Lakers via trade. The terms of the deal are as follows… Lakers Receive: Anthony Davis Pelicans Receive: Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram and 3 First Rounders I fell victim…



    The lottery heard around the world on Tuesday night brought the excitement out of the New Orleans Pelicans fans when the days seemed dark. In the midst of veteran star Anthony Davis inevitably on his way out, all talk of an Anthony Davis trade surrounded around one name in particular, Zion Williamson. At 6’7 283…

  • Kudos Pelicans, you finally did something right

    For the first time since ‘Nam, the Pelicans actually did something smart. This isn’t me blowing sunshine up their ass like the local reporters or “analysts” and stupid sites like Bird Writes. “Solomon Hill could be a huge asset for the Pelicans…so can E’Twaun Moore.” Right…and I am going to be the next Kyle Korver.…