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The lottery heard around the world on Tuesday night brought the excitement out of the New Orleans Pelicans fans when the days seemed dark. In the midst of veteran star Anthony Davis inevitably on his way out, all talk of an Anthony Davis trade surrounded around one name in particular, Zion Williamson. At 6’7 283 lbs. the guy is an

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Nicholls Grad Uses Night Club Security Experience to Finish Second in Scriptapalooza

Former Nicholls graduate, Joseph “Nate” Welch, turns experience working in New Orleans night clubs into a second place finish in one of the nation’s biggest screen writing competitions. Welch, who now works for NCIS: New Orleans, entered a pilot episode of his own show “SECURITY” into the Scriptapalooza TV writing completion, which had over 600 applicants. He and longtime friend

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Kill the Head and the Body Dies…Time to Talk About Firing Sean Payton

You may notice I used the headline “kill the head and the body dies.” Those are the famous words of former Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams on a recording used as evidence during the bounty investigation of the Saints. The significance of that quote and why I am using it here is because there is someone who the Saints should

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