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  • (Ep29) Breaking *Fake* News with Nicki Boudreaux

    (Ep29) Breaking *Fake* News with Nicki Boudreaux

    Apple Podcasts (click here) Spotify (click here) Anchor (click here) Pocket Cast(Click here) Google Podcasts (Click here) Breaker (Click here) Radio Public (Click here) On episode 29, I sit down with my old advisor, Nicki Boudreaux, from my sports editor days at the Nicholls Worth for THE Nicholls State University. We discuss the current state…

  • (Ep27) – Breaking (Fake) News with Lance Arnold

    (Ep27) – Breaking (Fake) News with Lance Arnold

    On episode 27, I sit down with my old college instructor and student advisor, Lance Arnold. Lance is not only a teacher, but a stand up comedian and a New Orleanian through and through. We discuss teaching media during Covid. We talked about the big improvements made to the Mass Comm Department at Nicholls. We…

  • 6 Years Ago – A Subtle Reminder of the Worst Time of My Life

    6 Years Ago – A Subtle Reminder of the Worst Time of My Life

    Yesterday on my Facebook memories, I came across a picture of my first Press Pass for a publication. It brought me back down memory lane to what was one of the most interesting times of my life. I was 23 at the time. I had just graduated from THE Nicholls State University. I worked part…