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Top 10 Quarterbacks 2017 (Mid-Season)

Well, here it goes. This is the second year of the Hotard Huddle and I feel like I have to continue the tradition of doing my preseason and midseason picks for top 10 quarterbacks. Typically, the list features the same 7 or so quarterbacks, where they rank usually fluctuates. As for the others, well it… Read More ›


Ranking the Quarterbacks of the last 20 years

Upon a conversation with a buddy of mine, I decided to write a column ranking the best quarterbacks for the last 20 years, roughly. I began watching football regularly around 2001-2002. So the quarterbacks on the list will be the guys of the more modern era. Joe Montana, Dan Marino and the other stars of… Read More ›

The Reality of the Colin Kaepernick Conundrum

We are coming up on the NFL season and Colin Kaepernick still finds himself without a job. Chatter continues as the season approaches about whether or not he will find himself a spot on a roster. If you have been living under a rock, this whole controversy has to do with him kneeling during the… Read More ›

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