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The Defense Is NOT THAT GOOD, the Saints just stopped stat whoring

I love being the smartest member of the Who Dat Nation. For the past three years, Sean Payton has constantly said the Saints “know the formula” to winning, but they never put it into action. For the past three years, it appears I knew something Sean Payton didn’t. 

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Saints: Final Draft Grades

The New Orleans Saints were in perfect position to take a giant leap forward with a loaded defensive draft, but the Saints continue to prove why they are one of the most incompetent franchises in the NFL. To put it mildly, they shit the bed worse than a three-year-old with explosive diarrhea. They have a top four quarterback and are […]

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Off The Record Episode 22

Off The Record is an uncensored sports podcast featuring Michael Hotard and Richard Fischer. Two former journalist who left the game, but have returned with one goal, have some fun. Enter the two biggest heels in sports podcasting… Quote of the Week 1:30 Malcolm Butler 13:40 No Huddle Offense- Wrestlemania 25:05 Best Entrance Best Performer Biggest Surprise Best Moment Best […]

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Pick Another Target, Zebra season is over

Cue the world’s smallest violin…the New Orleans Saints lost and the Who Dat Nation is coming unglued because of a controversial call. For those who didn’t see the play, the Denver Broncos used an open hand block to hold down the center (legal), while another player leaped over the line without using leverage and/or landing on top of said blocker (also legal) and […]