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  • Top 10 Favorite Singers – (Dudes Only)

    Top 10 Favorite Singers – (Dudes Only)

    I am no music expert by any stretch of the imagination. I know what my ears like and that is all I am basing this off of. These are singers I can listen to on repeat. Again, this doesn’t mean I think they are necessarily the best. I just like them. Don’t confuse favorite with…

  • Pop Culture Survey: Try It For Yourself Too!

    Pop Culture Survey: Try It For Yourself Too!

    1. What Kind of TV Shows Do You Watch? Why Do You Like Them? Answer: It is hard to pigeonhole myself to one genre of TV Show. If you asked my favorites, they are wide ranging from Game of Thrones to The League to One Tree Hill to Boy Meets World to Bates Motel to…

  • America's Got Talent: Audition Recaps

    The auditions for America’s Got Talent came to a close last Tuesday. Instead of ranting with some ridiculous intro, let’s get right to it. Only thing I will say before, Tyra Banks sucks as host. Acts I loved Chase Goehring  Anytime someone comes out and sings an original song, I am intrigued. If you look…