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March Madness 2020 Ultimate Pop Culture – Best of Sports Bracket Selections

I love March Madness for reasons that differ from most. Most people love March Madness for being the pinnacle of College Basketball. For me, I couldn’t care less about the sport. I love March Madness because it gives me an excuse to do a tournament style bracket comprised of whatever topics appeal to me. For those who gave me suggestions,

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15 Years Ago Today: Average Joe’s Get Away with a Foot Fault in Sudden Death vs Globo Gym

June 18, 2004…an iconic day in sports movie history. The Average Joes came back to defeat Globo Gym in sudden death overtime when Peter Lafleur smashed one off the face of nemesis White Goodman. What a moment it was! The crowd went wild. Pepper needed new shorts. It was the bold strategy of being blindfolded that paid off. However, it

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Sports Movie Character March Madness: Winner and Full Results

First and foremost, it was awesome to watch the results of the tournament unfold. I predicted three of the Final Four. But there were still some pretty interesting votes and surprised. I appreciate all the participation and voting. If you didn’t, you’re a stupid idiot and you just made the list. Here are the full results, my picks will have the

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