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  • 2019 Best NBA Duos

    2019 Best NBA Duos

    After a wild offseason for the NBA, the landscape obviously looks much different than it did just a few months ago. It seems like guys are looking to win on the shoulders of a duo rather than a trio or bigger. I am salivating for next season as so many duos have come to fruition.…

  • Kevin Durant Conundrum: How Valuable is he to the Warriors?

    Kevin Durant Conundrum: How Valuable is he to the Warriors?

    One figure hangs over the heads of the Golden State Warriors…5-0. That is their record this playoff without Kevin Durant. Naturally, the question being asked about the Warriors is whether or not they are a better team without an undoubted top 5 player in the league. Asking that question on the surface sounds laughable. It…

  • Winners and Losers of Free Agency

    On July 4th, 1776, the original 13 colonies rejoiced the beginning of the United States…Murica! The settlers no longer had to deal with the tyranny of Great Britain and were finally free. On July 4th, 2016, the NBA free agents rejoiced as the league’s salary cap was boosted to $94 million and Kevin Durant shocked the…