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Original Hotard Huddle 0

Tom Freaking Brady…GOAT

If you need anymore validation for why Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, I will assume one of the following… A- You have a memory like Dory from Finding Nemo B- Your eye sight is as good as Steve Wonder C- You have a room temperature IQ I was texting a good friend of mine¬†during the Super Bowl¬†as […]

Original Hotard Huddle 2

Top 10 Quarterbacks of 2016

Another glorious NFL season is upon us. One of the most interesting that will happen in 2016 is the landscape of the quarterbacks. For starters, Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset after winning the Super Bowl last year. It is crazy to think about a Peyton Manning-less NFL. In addition to Manning retiring, there are a bunch of young […]