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  • Top 10 Favorite Wrestling Factions

    Top 10 Favorite Wrestling Factions

    One of my personal favorite elements in the world of professional wrestling is factions. I always found wrestling to be infinitely more interesting when factions were involved. Since AEW began, they have put a hard emphasis on factions as nearly every wrestler on the roster is part of some sort of team or faction. While…

  • Top 30 Best Movie Rivalries

    Top 30 Best Movie Rivalries

    Perhaps my favorite suggestion from a friend and follower of Hotard Huddle is the column you are about to see. I received a text the other day saying a good topic would be the best rivalries in movie history. I instantly fell in love with the idea of the topic. I think a lot of…

  • Top 10 Toughest Sports

    Top 10 Toughest Sports

    The debate that will never go away. What is the toughest sport? Highly debatable across the board and tough to decipher, it is a fun discussion to have. Possibly tougher than the sport itself is which is the hardest to be great in. What takes the most skill in becoming a pro? You have to…