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Coming Wednesday: Off The Record

Coming Wednesday (August 24) is the first episode of Off The Record! I am stoked about it.

If you have not followed the official Youtube page for the podcast, please do so right here.

My buddy Richard and I recorded a show last week, which was supposed to be our first, but technical difficulties made the recording sound awful. Upon further review I would have rather been waterboarded then listen to the sound caused from the phone line. Shit happens.

Richard has been listed as doubtful for this upcoming show. No worries though. I will be holding down the fort, maybe with another co-host. Maybe solo.51967720

For our podcast, you will find several consistencies each episode…

Athlete of the Week

We will pick someone who either did something awesome off the field, on the field or made some ridiculous play or catch. We will end each show giving this person our respect for the week. Our respect obviously means more than anyone else’s. In case you haven’t noticed, we are pretty fucking awesome.

Dumb Quote of the Week

We will begin the podcast with a quote that caused controversy, sounded stupid or raised some eyebrows. Either way, the show will start with us ripping someone for the diarrhea that came out of his/her mouth. The best part, it won’t necessarily be an athlete. Could be a media member, singer or whoever. I would say politician, but that is an easy target so it would have to be really stupid, even for a politician. Shots fired.

Asshat of the Week a748dd8228efb58e7ed58989650d2f97.gif

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the word asshat. There may not be a word in the english language I love more. This person will be one directly tied to sports. Media members are not off limits. Notice a trend here? If they take an outlandish stance on something, get bent. If an athlete plays awful, get bent. If they do something stupid off the field, get bent.

Fantasy Football

People love fantasy football. So of course this will be a consistent topic each week as long as fantasy football is going on. I am a pretty big deal considering fantasy football just started and I have already received multiple phone calls and texts for my advice. Why you ask? Because I am that damn good. Richard and I, along with Matthew Berry and Pete Eckhart, are the Mount Rushmore of Fantasy Football.

Aside from the four things mentioned above…

We will take 3-4 broader topics to discuss each week. There will be debates. There will be predictions. There will be trash talk. It is going to rock.

Since I started this blog, a few of my friends who regularly follow the blog have thrown ideas my way on topics I should write. Same rules apply for Off The Record. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way. We will be more than happy to discuss.

So this Wednesday, get ready for the unadulterated, unfiltered and uncensored sports podcast. 068016ce6d135560e221f03f2c2928f9







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