Duke guard Grayson Allen was dubbed a villain before he ever stepped on the basketball court for the Duke Blue Devils, one of the nation’s most hated college teams. He is the stereotypical suburban white kid who has the face only a mother could love, the type that Duke tends to breed.1adca5ac3f0979d5c3c4ac2c66a2f3a0c37756a6c6bcc6a68e942dabf01b4aaf

Usually, people forget these guys ever suited up for Duke and they enjoy watching them play once they reach the NBA, case in point JJ Redick.

However, anyone who likes Grayson Allen is probably wearing a sweater vest, slacks and sitting next to their golf clubs. Pinkies out.

I understand being competitive. I understand a strong desire to win. I understand people get caught in the moment when competing. But someone needs to lay out that douchebag Grayson Allen. He certainly fits the bill of being a devil.

It seems like every single time this twat steps on the court, he has intent to hurt someone. He always sticks his feet out and made a name for himself by being reckless. There is a difference between dirty and what Allen is doing. The microscope is now on him and people are watching his every move. The sad part is, he is a terrific player.

This idiot could cost someone millions of dollars or give them months of rehab simply because you’re a moron. For college athletes who aren’t getting paid yet, that can be detrimental.

Just the other day, I had someone stick their leg out on me during a pick up game and now I have an appointment to see an orthepedic to make sure everything is alright. Shit sucks. Injuries can happen when someone pulls this kind of crap. Grayson Gif.gif

How many incidents of him tangling up with someone is it going to take for Duke to step in? Shout out to Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski for suspending him indefinitely…for one game. Good job. That did so much good because he already committed multiple incidents since then. This spoiled piece of shit really learned his lesson, didn’t he?

Every time Allen does something, I just want to drop kick his ugly face. It is a face that screams “touch me and my daddy will come after you.” I would not blame anyone for slapping him during a game. In fact, he tangled arms with a Louisville player recently, and the guy gave a swift slap in the head. Good for him. Hopefully more players act accordingly. I’ll be honest. If I were a coach, I would send my worst player in to take him to the woodshed. #BountySystem

The NCAA needs to do something about this ass clown, but they won’t because Coach K and the Blue Devils help college basketball’s bottom line.

The NCAA is a joke and a big reason why the most college sports I watch are the few months leading up the NFL draft when I am watching highlights of the prospects.

Why don’t you do something about this asshat Grayson Allen before he seriously injures a draft hopeful and costs that person millions?

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