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5 Best Lessons George Feeny Taught Us

George Feeny took home 1st place in the TV Show Character Tournament. I joke all the time that Feeny taught me everything I know in life. It is not off-beat to some degree. I watch my box set of Boy Meets World once per year because of how much I love the show. It is one of the most honest and least over the top sit coms. It teaches you about situations we all struggle with throughout the younger year of our lives. Maybe that is the appeal for me. Here are my five favorite lessons George Feeny taught me.

5. Heroism (Season 3, Episode 5)

What Feeny said: “A real hero to me is someone who does the right thing, when the right thing isn’t the easy thing to do.” 

When Cory almost burns down the school breaking into the science lab trying to change a research paper he turned in, people said he was a hero for saving the school from a fire that he actually started. Feeny knew exactly what happened, but wanted Cory to confess. He told Cory the quote above just before he went on local TV to talk about his heroism. He wound up not going through with it and confessed to his parents.

That quote is spot on in every way. Too many people, especially in the mainstream, are held in a false light as if they are great people. Talk to them behind closed doors and you quickly find out who they really are. This goes for athletes, government and even the military. The people who are a voice for the voiceless, stand up for those who don’t stand up for themselves, and take care of those who need it are heroes.

4. Risk Taking (Season 4, Episode 22)

What Feeny said: “Sometimes a sure thing is not the best thing.” 

Feeny said this to Eric when he was contemplating what to do about college and his life. Feeny knew he had potential, but Eric had a habit of not applying himself. Feeny worked tirelessly as his mentor to break that barrier.

I love this quote for so many reasons. Too many people go through life scared to take risks and make bold moves. Why? I would rather live 40 years making the most of it with my wife and future children than live 80 miserable years and afraid to do something meaningful. You will never know your true potential. I made a move after being miserable in journalism to take a complete opposite career path. It was scary because what I am doing now is not what I received a degree in, but I said fuck it. I was unhappy so it couldn’t possibly get worse. Literally, the best decision I have made in terms of a career. I fell in love with it.

3. Family (Season 3, Episode 17)

What Feeny said: “You don’t have to be blood to be family.” 

Feeny said this to Shawn when he and Cory were at odds. Cory was shooting an investigative piece for a contest, but it was of Shawn’s half brother and his cronies as the subject. Shawn wanted to defend his family and Feeny told that to Shawn. Cory has been his best friend since day one. Cory had no idea Shawn even had a half-brother. About to get pummeled by the thugs, Shawn shows up to save his friend.

This quote resonates so well with me because my family isn’t very big, although it grew a lot when I married my wife. Her family is fairly large and a lot of fun as well as my side. I have a lot of friends I consider family. You know that cousin or aunt/uncle you see only on Christmas and it is awkward, why should you make it a point to make nice with them when you could be spending time with people you actually speak to throughout the year? Seems pretty silly. My friends are everything, they are an extension of my family.

2. Technology (Season 4, Episode 19)

What Feeny said: “Gutenberg’s generation thirsted for a new book every six months. Your generation gets a new web page every six seconds. And how do you use this technology? To try and beat King Koopa, and save the princess. Shame on you. You deserve what you get. (Bell Rings) Sit down. Stay where you are. For the first time, I choose to walk out on you.” 

Feeny said this when a quiz show Cory, Shawn and Topanga participated in became about looks, pop culture and bullshit. Kind of like our mainstream media, whether news or sports. This quote applies to so many people and it’s amazing this was said 20 fucking years ago.

How many people blame the media for them being misinformed? Most of you reading this probably do. I understand to a certain degree. We absolutely should hold the mainstream to a higher standard. But we literally have a world of information at our finger tips with smart phones. People can’t decipher satirical news from news with an agenda from objective news. It is pathetic and I hate people for that. The whole “fake news” has become a running joke due to Donald Trump, but people actually believe FOX, CNN, MSNBC are “fake news.” No you fucking moron, jokes on you. It is angled, there is a difference. Those sources have an agenda to certain political parties so they angle accordingly. They take statistics and information and cater to the right or left. People use this as an excuse for being misinformed.

For the record, I am happy we have those sources because you can hear both sides of the argument and formulate your opinions. It requires a little critical thinking and logic, tread carefully.

You remember the whole Hilary email scandal? It took me all of 10 minutes to look up some information about what happened and formulate an opinion on it. George Feeny called us out 20 years ago. What a shame it still applies to society today.

1. Be Your Own Person (Season 2, Episode 16)

What Feeny said: “If you let people’s perception of you dictate your behavior, you will never grow as a person. But if you leave yourself open to experience, despite what others think, then you will learn and grow.”

Eric chose Shawn to go on a double date with him over Cory. Cory began to change his attitude into something he wasn’t. Feeny was also told he was safe and boring so he was struggling in a similar way. When teaching Cory, he said the quote above.

This is my favorite Feeny quote because too many people go through life trying to impress their peers due to insecurities due to a need to be accepted. As a result, many people will turn away from them as a result. Be yourself! We live in a world where it is easy to find people with similar interests thanks to social media. Don’t try to be something you’re not. I love 90s boy bands, pop music, WWE, crazy socks, funny tank tops, cursing like a sailor and sound like a dorkchop when I speak sometimes. You know why no one can get under my skin by making fun of me? I make fun of myself more than anyone because I am fucking awesome. I wish more people could have that same attitude. This blog that you’re reading gets made fun of and I flip the script the second someone says something. Have fun in life with whatever you are doing. I am a true believer in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and once you reach Self-Actualization, you will appreciate life so much more. What I try to do on a daily basis is help others achieve that same feeling. It is a good one. So, grow!




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