This is the last time you get a spoiler alert before I dive into all my thoughts immediately following the season finale of Stranger Things 3. SPOILERS AHEAD. You’ve been warned. The rest is on you.

First and foremost, season 3 did not disappoint. I absolutely love this show. The characters are awesome. The 80s vibe is awesome. The monsters are awesome. It is all awesome. Bring on season 4.


My god. You want to talk about ripping my heart out. He took out the assassin only to be killed in the explosion leaving everyone behind. They milked it completely from the aftermath and of course the note to Eleven. There are not many shows I find myself bawling, but Hopper dying did it for me…

Only to find out he may not be dead. Somehow he was captured and taken to Russia possibly. That will be confirmed in Season 4. He was the MVP of the damn season. The typical alpha male meat wagon who struggles coming to grips with his own emotions, but also a total bad ass. Hopper is the man.

If Hopper is in fact alive, this sets him up to be a villain you can’t necessarily root against which also sucks. Let’s face it. In Russian captivity, they will brainwash him.

The Hybrid Steroided Demogorgon

Bruh. What the fuck was that thing? Oh my god. After taking us to Russia, they show a captive being tossed in a cage to be fed to a damn Demogorgon Version of Dwayne The Rock Johnson. So many questions!


What a redemption story for that asshole. After seeing a glimpse of his past and Eleven talking to him, he broke the stranglehold of the Mind Flayer and died to save her. Way to go out like a hero Billy.

He was a fantastic villain the entire season. I actually really like the actor Dacre Montgomery. With him now off Stranger Things, I am curious to see where he goes from here.

Dusie! She does exist!!

Dustin will forever be my favorite character on Stranger Things. The entire season he is trying to convince everyone that Susie does exist. Poor kid is never given a fair shake with girls. So of course they all think he is blowing smoke.

Jokes on them because not only does she exist, they are freaking adorable. To prove their affection, they broke out the golden pipes to sing Neverending Story. That my friends is called a W. Since finishing the show, I have listened to that a dozen times over.

Erica Is Overrated

Don’t get me wrong. I like Erica. She is savage and hilarious, but come on. The love affair for her is overplayed. To be honest, aside from being small enough to fit through an air duct, she didn’t do shit. Let’s all calm down a little about Erica.

Can Steve Ever Find a Girl?

I am a fanboy of Steve. The guy is just cool. Plus as someone with an awful hairline, I am truly envious of your boy’s hang time. I was pulling hardcore for he and Robin and then she revealed she is a lesbian. Man, that sucked. Oh well, we’re on to Season 4. I am pulling for you again Steve. Let’s pour one out for our boy.

For the Haters

Obviously there was a ton of love interest this season with many episodes being taken up by Mike and Eleven making out and Hopper yelling about the door being 3 inches. But dude, they’re at the age where it happens. So calm the hell down and enjoy a good show. There was still plenty of action and suspense. In fact, the last two episodes were fantastic.


My man stepped up big this season. Eleven loses her power and those damn fireworks came in handy. It’s a good thing he got them. Don’t let all the noise distract you from the fact that they’re all dead if not for Lucas’ quick thinking when he was in search of a bowl.

From a relationship standpoint, Lucas was also the one telling Mike how to handle things with Eleven. Score one in the friendship category for your boy.

Phoebe Cates

If you don’t know who she is, you’re dead to me. Also if you have never seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High, watch it now. I appreciated every single reference to her in Season 3. If there was a girl in the 80s who could bring a sexual awakening, it was her.





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