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Survey: The Soundtrack to My Life

As a fan of the old Myspace, I used to love taking surveys and quizzes for the bulletin on there. Consider this going back to the roots. I was digging for some fun surveys and I thought why not take one that involves music. Normally, you put your device on shuffle and fill in each blank with what song comes up. But, I figure why not go a little deeper.

I have taken a few of the questions from each category and picked my own song with a few sentences why.


Name of the Movie/Opening Credits: Words I Never Said  (Lupe Fiasco)

I will say the things people are thinking and don’t want to say. Telling people how I feel isn’t an issue for me. The song talks about how you can’t take back the words you don’t ever say. That is regret I don’t ever want.


Being Born: I’m Gonna Be (Big Sean)

Life should be fun. We should spend time doing the things we want to do. That’s exactly how I intend to live it.

Early Days/Playing with Your Toys: Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne)

It was the first song that popped in my head that uses the word train. I was obsessed with Thomas and trains as a kid.

First Day of School: Return of the Mack (Mark Morrison)

The song came out in 1996, the same year I started Kindergarten. I love it so I am sticking with Return of the Mack.

Making Friends in Kindergarten: ABC (Jackson 5)

Because I am learning ABCs and how to write, ABC seems like a good choice here. Plus, making friends for me has always been fairly easy.

Finding Your Best Friend: Still Fly (Big Tymers)

We loved the Big Tymers as children. Still Fly is an all-timer just like our friendship.

Middle School/High School

Getting Rejected: Welcome to My Life (Simple Plan)

This was my favorite song at the time. I constantly struggled second guessing my friendships with people. I always felt used and out of place. Typical pre-teen/early teen drama.

Kissing Your First Crush: I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry)

I mean, I did like kissing girls. I still do. Well, my wife that is.

Fighting With Your Parents About School: Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)

I sucked at school growing up. I was a C student. I did just enough to pass. Let me just get through it.

First Party: All the Small Things (Blink 182)

Thanks to American Pie, punk rock will always be associated with high school parties for me. Why not use the most popular song from the most popular punk rock group?

Graduation: Good Riddance (Green Day)

I had a ton of fun in high school. However, I was ready to graduate and begin my next journey. Later!


Moving Out: Can’t Hold Us (Macklemore)

I remember how excited I was to be moving out and heading to college. I just picked a song here that makes me feel good and gets me pumped.

Slideshow of Your College Years: Power (Kanye West)

I enjoyed my time in college. I have no regrets in anything I did from the jobs I held to the fun I had. It’s a good feeling to know I gave it my all. Power is a hype song to the max.

Graduation: Hey Look Ma I Made It (Panic At The Disco)

I struggled in school quite a bit. I had many arguments with my parents about that throughout the years. But, I eventually did it.

Being an Adult

Losing Your First Job: War (Sum 41)

That place was a nightmare. I remember how pissed I was and how long it took me to move on from it.

Wedding: I Don’t Dance (Lee Brice)

Naturally, I selected our first dance song here.

Birth of Your First Child: Boy (Lee Brice)

Much like our wedding, I chose the song I kept listening to on repeat once my little dude was born.

Mid Life Crisis: Here’s To Never Growing Up (Avril Lavigne)

Stay young as long as you can. I haven’t had a midlife crisis yet. But when I do, I will try to remember to keep living.

Getting Old

Retiring: Could Have Been Me (The Struts)

My goal in life is to live fully with no regrets. I want to be the best I can be in everything I do. In the end, I don’t want to think about the what ifs.

First Grandchild: From the Ground Up (Dan and Shay)

I want to establish a great family line to continue my name. The best way to do that is lead by example for my children. Hopefully, they do the same with their own.

Death: Carry On (Fun.)

My biggest fear in life is the pain those I love will feel when my time comes. Hopefully, I will live a long and happy life. When that time does come, I hope my family can find solace in the good times we had.

Ending Credits: Lifeline (Angels and Airwaves)

Just a great song for the end of a movie.

If You Would Like To Fill It Out, Copy and Paste Below and Drop it in the Comments!


Name of the Movie: 

Opening Credits: 


Being Born: 

Early Days/Playing with Your Toys: 

First Day of School:

Making Friends in Kindergarten: 

Finding Your Best Friend: 

Middle School/High School

Kissing Your First Crush: 

First Party: 

Fighting With Your Parents About School:



Moving Out: 

Slideshow of Your College Years: 


Being an Adult

Losing Your First Job:


Birth of Your First Child: 

Mid Life Crisis: 

Getting Old


First Grandchild: 


Ending Credits: 


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