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What the Hell Happened to Mr. Turner?

I am currently re-watching my favorite series of all-time, Boy Meets World. Every single time I watch it, I am reminded why I loved it so much as a child and why I continue to love it as an adult.

One of the million and five reasons I love it is because of amazing characters like Jonathan Turner portrayed by Anthony Tyler Quinn. Mr.

Turner taught the trio of Cory, Shawn and Topanga at John Adams High. His character was short lived, but certainly impactful.

Mr. Turner first appeared in Season 2 Episode 1 as the young new English teacher. In the first episode, you knew he was a quality guy and teacher who would go above and beyond to look out for his students. He knew Cory had an issue with our favorite thug, Harley Keiner. He stayed after school breaking up what would be an inevitable beatdown of Mr. Matthews.

He sarcastically dropped one of my favorite one liners during the incident. After breaking up the incident, Keiner asks if he could take Turner? Turner says “nah” with a laugh. Keiner says “I could’ve taken the kid though.” Turner sarcastically says “good for you.” Pure gold. Turner is the man.

For those familiar with the series, he develops a great bromance with George Feeny as well as becoming a father figure to Shawn. After Chet Hunter abandons his son Shawn to chase after Verna, Mr. Turner takes Shawn and all his problems under his wing.

It all came crashing down for Turner in Season 4 Episode 21 (Cult Fiction). Shawn, who is lost, joins a cult led by Mr. Mac. In the end of the episode, it was revealed that Mr. Turner crashed his motorcycle which ultimately shook Shawn back to reality.

Shawn did not know how to handle it and wanted to run. Cory made him face the proverbial music. In one of the most heartbreaking moments of the show, Shawn is overcome with emotion at the bedside of an unconscious Mr. Turner.

Much like most shows prior to the social media age, it left everything up in the air with no explanation. I could probably write a blog on the amount of plot holes and continuity errors.

We heard throughout the series that Mr. Turner was in fact alive, although he never appeared on screen. During the graduation episode, Stuart Minkus (Lee Norris) makes an appearance explaining where he has been all these years after reuniting with Cory and Shawn. As he leaves the screen, he screams “Hey wait up Mr. Turner!”

So what ever happened to Mr. Turner? Luckily, thanks to the reboot spin off that is Girl Meets World, we know. Mr. Turner became the superintendent of New York schools. He hired Cory to be a teacher.  He married the nurse who took care of him after his accident.

Now that we know what happened to Turner and the on screen story, why did Boy Meets World and Quinn not reunite? Someone tweeted during a Q&A asking in 2013 asking about the departure. Quinn’s response said “Not sure I can answer that in 95 characters. Sometimes they make changes and can’t figure out to explain them.”

Because of when the show was airing, they were able to write off one of the most beloved characters without much backlash. At least we know what exactly happened to Jonathan Turner.

Here are some of his best moments throughout the show…

Meeting Mr. Turner

Turner Saves Cory

Mess With His Best Friend and DIE

Even He Can Stop the Bromance of Cory and Shawn

Dude’s Got a Problem

Feeny Turner Bromance

Mr. Turner’s Impact on Shawn


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