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Hotard Huddle’s 10 Best Video Game Athletes

Recently, my buddy challenged me to do one of the FB 10 day posts where you put a picture of something without explanation. I got through two days and said fuck it. The reason being I wanted to write about it instead. Honestly, the topic itself is fun as hell. I felt like it would a good light piece.

Before getting started, there will be some clear omissions due to my lack of experience playing certain games. For example, Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and Bo Jackson from Tecmo Super Bowl will not be featured. That being said, if it wasn’t a list based solely on my experience, that would be the top 2 easily.

The athletes I choose will be athletes I have played and dominated with at some point. Without further ado, here are my Top 10 Video Game Athletes…

10. Troy Polamalu, Steelers (Madden 2008)

This may seem a little odd and out of place. Back when I was real good in Madden, I had a specific strategy on both sides of the ball. On offense, I would run inside with a mix of full back dives and HB dives, plunges, etc. I would just eat the damn clock taking 12 plays to march downfield. On defense, because people were too impatient to run, I would use secondary blitzes with zone coverage like no tomorrow. I sure did love using Polamalu because of that. I would man him and just set him on the edge, either dropping back or blitzing. Any time I would play with the Steelers, I would finish with 10+ tackles, 2.0 sacks and usually accounted for a few turnovers. What you gonna do when the Tazmanian Devil runs wild on you!?!

9. Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma (NCAA Football 2007)

I actually popped in 2007 recently and started a dynasty with Oklahoma. It was short lived as I only played three games. Adrian Peterson had over 750 yards with 12 TDs in those games. I rest my case.

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, PSG (FIFA 15)

Shortly after graduating college, I got hardcore into FIFA. In fact, my old neighbor/friend and I would play 6-7 games nightly once I got home from work. We legit kept a tally on our games. In about three months of keeping said tally, we finished with over 230 games on FIFA 15. I used PSG primarily for Zlatan. (Shout out to the same buddy who got me a PSG Zlatan kit from France when he went). I would drop goals from everywhere with him. His size and strong leg was favorable to my style. My strategy is basically shoot on every opening no matter how deep. If I have a free kick from near midfield, I am going for a touch of nasty. I want 20+ shots every game.

7. Jon Dowd, Giants (MVP Baseball 2005)

Basically because they couldn’t use Barry Bonds, they created the white Barry Bonds named Jon Dowd. Barry Bonds was a real life cheat code and Jon Dowd was the virtual cheat code.

6. Reggie Miller, Pacers (NBA Jam)

Chicks dig the long ball. I always used the Pacers because of Miller. His three ball was the best. 3 is greater than 2 so let’s make it rain. I would run games with the pacers and I did nothing but shoot 3s with Miller who was freaking unstoppable for me. Literally every shot I take is a 3. I had many people rage quit on this one.

5. Ken Griffey Jr, Mariners (N64 – Major League Baseball ft. Ken Griffey Jr.)

This was the first athlete I shared when I began the posting before deciding to write this instead. It’s cool because Griffey was the man AND this is one of the first baseball video games many people my age remember. I remember playing this with a buddy growing up and it was fight for who got to be the Mariners. I always hated the let’s be the same team crap. I am not 100% sure if the game even allowed it. But nonetheless, that Mariners team was stupid in general and so was Griffey.

4. Isaac Frost (Fight Night Champion)

So first and foremost, play this game. The story mode is unbelievably good. I still go back and play occasionally. The bare knuckles mode is awesome as well. That being said, Frost was a damn animal. In the story mode, the finale against him took me three days to beat on the third level of difficulty. I never was able to do it again on that high of difficulty. I believe part of the story was you had to go at least 8 rounds as you had to implore the strategy given from running for a couple of rounds to body shots and then eventually the green light was given. Getting to the green light was a bitch.

3. Michael Vick, Falcons (Madden 2004)

I’m putting him third on here as a he is a universally accepted as one of the best video game athletes ever. I played Madden 04 within the last year or so with the Falcons, he was damn good. I remember playing this when it was new and Vick wasn’t a problem to stop. I never used the Falcons on this game as a kid. Everyone I played against did. I used to smoke them with the Packers. Hit Ahman Green in the flats all day. As I alluded to for my number 10, I use secondary blitzes a bunch. I used to do that against Vick, which is why I fell in love with the concept. It ultimately worked. Sure, Vick would still get his. However, people would get run happy and someone would take off from the snap only to have a corner smash for an easy fumble and turnover.

2. Tim Tebow, Florida (NCAA Football 2010)

Bless your heart trying to stop me with him. You’ll need Jesus because I had Jesus with him. (heyoooo)

1. Pablo Sanchez (Backyard Baseball)

GOAT. Bye.


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