Time to terminate the hate and spread the positive a little bit. We all know 2020 has been quite the fucking ride between Covid, politics and life not being what we considered normal. It’s been rough. I wanted to break the cycle a little bit and share some awesome things that happened in 2020.

Before I get the inevitable, “hOw DiD YoU NoT iNcLuDe tHe BiRtH oF YoUr DauGhTeR?” Relax. Of course that takes the cake. I am only including things that happened in pop culture that we all can appreciate on the same level.

10. The Return of Sports

Obviously because of Covid, sports were put on a brief hold that felt like 84 years. Athletes and sports move the needle more than just about anything in the US. The Cult of Personality surrounding sports is massive. It feels great to be able to finally watch them again.

9. John Krasinski “Some Good News”

When Covid started shifting into ultra serious in the US, actor John Krasinski aka Jim Halpert from The Office launched Some Good News. It was a web show designed to spread more positive feelings in a bad situation. One of the awesome things to come from the series was an Office reunion from the heralded Jim and Pam wedding. The cast danced for a couple from Maryland to Chris Brown’s Forever. Glorious!

8. Keedron Bryant gets Record Deal

In a viral video of 12-year-old Bryant singing a powerful song about being black, he ended up getting a record deal from the video. Kid has some golden pipes on him that is for sure.

7. Disney Re-opens

Much like sports, it saddened me to see the gates of Disney World close with the uncertainty of when they would re-open. Since Disney World has been opened, the parks have closed a handful of times temporarily and it was never for long stretches. The total closures are less than 10. Due to Covid, the parks closed for nearly four months. When they finally announced re-opening, Disney fans like myself rejoiced. It’s a sad reality thinking Disney is closed.

6. Scream 5 Announced

The best horror franchise (Don’t @ me) ever made announced a fifth installment to be released more than a decade after releasing Scream 4, which was easily my second favorite behind Scream. Dewey Riley (David Arquette) and Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) are definitely returning while Neve Campbell is in talks to return as Sidney Prescott. Please come back Neve!

5. The Last Dance

The 10 part series showing off the legacy and career of arguably the greatest athlete, Michael Jordan, to ever grace the planet Earth…and Moron Mountain for that matter. The documentary released in April and talked about the all the stories and even debunked some rumors surround Michael Jordan. He took the sport of basketball and the NBA to complete unprecedented territory. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really old enough to appreciate it so this documentary was great for people born in the 90s.

4. Tyrann Mathieu Wins a Super Bowl

NFL Safety Tyrann Mathieu was a vital part of the Chiefs successful Super Bowl run. It was amazing seeing him hoist the Lombardi Trophy over his head. On August 12th, 2012, his world was shook when he was booted from LSU’s football team for drug related issues. I remember reading so many columns shitting all over a dude my age who was smoking. I remember that entire situation unfolding vividly. I was working for Nicholls Football at the time and two of his best friends from high school played for the Colonels. I was sitting in one of the coaches offices when they came in and told him that Tyrann had been booted from LSU and he wanted to come to Nicholls. Because of how much I enjoyed watching him play at LSU, I sitting there with my ears perked up thinking “holy shit, this is happening.” Of course it never happened and he never played another college down again. He went full ghost from the depression that settled within in. I always felt bad because this dude was so harshly criticized because he liked to smoke weed. It’s awesome seeing him have the success in the NFL he’s had. It was dope seeing him with the Lombardi and can now call himself a Super Bowl Champion.

3. Rick Moranis Comes Out of Retirement

This is the entire inspiration for writing this column. I saw this video and it made me laugh hysterically. Rick Moranis is one of the funniest comedic actors who left millions behind after his wife died of cancer. He wanted to just be a dad and not the funny man we all knew as Dark Helmet and Wayne Zelinsky.

2. NBA Playoffs / NFL Season Overlap

I just watched a barn burner with the Raptors and Celtics that I needed the Raptors to win. Fingers crossed they make the Finals. Then, tomorrow we get the opening to NFL season. It is going to be glorious. Having NFL opening and deep NBA playoffs over lap is going to be fantastic.

1. Hamilton Released on Disney Plus

Since releasing, I have watched the entire thing about half a dozen times. I have fast forwarded to my favorites songs another half dozen. I have listened to the songs approximately 4 million times. My wife loves it now. My son loves it now. I loved it from How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore…

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