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NFL 2020 Week 16 Monday Not So Morning Thoughts

As per usual, start this off with the Weekly Picks.

  • Dolphins -3 (L)
  • Seahawks -1 (W)
  • Bills -7
  • Saints -6.5 (W)
  • Cardinals -4.5 (L)

Season Record: 41-36-2

NFL Playoff Implications

Writing this before the conclusion of Packers / Titans and Bills / Patriots, week 16 was absolutely wild. As it stands now, only 7 teams have clinched a spot.

Seahawks won the NFC West defeating the Rams in Week 16. That poses a potential must win between Week 17 opponents Rams and Cardinals.

Steelers defeated the Colts clinching the AFC North.

Saints destroyed the Vikings clinching the NFC South.

Tampa Bay destroyed the Lions clinching a playoff spot.

Chiefs defeated the Falcons (another choke job) clinching the 1st seed.

Paraphrasing the great Bill Belichick, “we’re onto Week 17.” Shit is about to get messy. I can’t wait for the finale of the NFL regular season. Here are the key matchups to pay attention to…

Steelers @ Browns
-Browns are in if they win. Should they lose or tie, then a clusterfuck of things needs to happen and most are unlikely including Titans losing to Texans, Ravens losing to Bengals and Colts losing to Jaguars.

Dolphins @ Bills
-Dolphins win, they’re in. Bills could potentially rest their starters if seeding is locked up. If they lose, once again, potential clusterfuck.

Packers @ Bears
-Bears win, they’re in. If they lose, they need Rams to win.

Cardinals @ Rams
-Winner is in. Loser maybe in, depending on Bears.

On top of all this, there is now a clusterfuck of scenarios for the NFC’s top seed. Green Bay wins, they take it. But if they lose…

A three way tie between Packers, Saints and Seahawks goes to Saints.

Packers get the nod over Saints head to head. Seahawks get the nod over Packers head to head.

To paraphrase Bill Belichick, we’re onto week 17. It’s going to be a hell of a finish.

Alvin Fucking Kamara

Have a fucking day sir. Remember when some people trashed him last year for not being what they expected, despite having the highest missed tackle rate by a mile? Remember the contract talks at the beginning of the year being a possible distraction?

Week 16, he tied the record for most rushing TDs in a game with not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5…fucking 6! He also tied the record for total touchdowns in a game. Just like that, he now leads the league with 21 total touchdowns (Franchise record) and is tied for first with 16 rushing. He is currently sixth in rushing yards. With the massive performance, he now has 43 rushing touchdowns and 15 receiving in his 4 year career, the fastest to reach 40/15.

I’d like to take this time to say eat shit Sean Payton because it should have been 7. God knows, we only stat whore for Drew Brees though.


Tompa Bay Baby

I would be lying if I said Tampa Bay met my expectations this year. I did predict an 11-5 record for them. However, I thought they would look more dominant than they have been. They certainly dominated against the Lions this week. Brady finished with a perfect 158.3 QB Rating going 22/27 for 348 yards and 4 TDs.

The Buccaneers clinched their first playoff birth since 2007 in year one with Brady in Bruce Arians’ system, which relies heavily on getting the ball downfield. Despite some of the jekyl and hyde we have seen from Brady this year and the Bucs offense, he still looks like he has plenty left in the tank. In a system that isn’t exactly the most QB friendly, he is 15 games through the season completing 65.9% of his passes, 4,236 yards, 36 TDs and 11 INTs. He is 4th in passing yards, 4th in Passing TDs and is having a hell of a season. Certainly better than last year.

For the people who think he is somehow part of the “Belichick system,” I would love to hear your explanation so I can help you remove your head from your ass. For the people who wanted so badly to take away a two decade body of work in the twilight of his career, get bent because you failed. The GOAT is just doing GOAT things.

Frank Gore Reaches 16,000 Yards

How the hell is Frank Gore still playing in the NFL? He came into the league in 2005 as a damn runningback. The average shelf life of an NFL rusher is less than 4 years. He has almost quadrupled that. In that time, he is the third player to reach 16,000 yards for his career. Here he is with another 600 yards on the season. I get up in the morning with ridiculous back pain at 29. This 37 year old bruiser is still toting the rock getting hit by linebackers living to see the next day. I can’t wait for his induction day into the NFL HOF. Kudos to Frank Gore.

Jags Get Trevor

Only the Jets can be bad enough to suck on the season AND lose the rights to Trevor Lawrence. All this talk about Trevor possibly returning to not play for the Jets. This may be worse.

That being said, it is all but certain now that the Jaguars will inevitably take him with the first overall pick. Bless your heart Trevor.

Titans – Packers Snow Game

Anytime I see a field covered in snow, I am invested. Although the Packers currently lead 19-7, I thought the matchup was a perfect pairing for a game in these kind of conditions. On one side, you have the Rodgers led Packers who can throw defenses out of the stadium. Then you have the polar opposite with the Titans who rely on the bruiser that is Derrick Henry. You would think a game like this would only favor the team that runs, think again. Rodgers is putting on another clinic going 13/16 for 125 yards and 3 TDs.

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