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Don’t Burn Bridges, Michael

I don’t understand the concept behind giving a 2 week notice in some situations. Yet, it is supposedly the right thing to do.

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Since this was originally a sports blog, it’s similar to college sports. A coach can leave on a whim and the players are left with the short end of the stick. If a player wants to leave, they are often ostracized for it. Until recently, they were punished with loss of eligibility for year.

The problem with a 2 week notice is you run the chance of that one foot out the door feeling. Shaking that off is hard. I wish I could say it was different but it’s not. At the end of the day, giving a notice often results in being let go on the spot anyway.

I haven’t been at this position very long so I’d be lying if I said one foot wasn’t out the door.

It’s all uncomfortable and it’s all unnecessary. Of course there are situations where it can be done.

I once gave a 6 week notice for a job I loved because I felt I owed it to the employers. I finished that position strong as my last day was a 5K that I had started and planned.

In my most recent position, I had full intention of giving a 2 week notice until certain circumstances (a very generous one by my new employer) played out and I had to start the new job sooner. So I gave the job I’m leaving as much of a heads up as I could which was 8 days.

The hilarity that ensued the last 2 days is worth noting. Here I am.

As noted in my previous post, I accepted the position with intention of moving up quickly for financial compensation in the ballpark of where I need to be. It wasn’t guaranteed, but seemed like a safe bet.

In the interview, we discussed salary and potential timeline. I was told “we love to promote from within.” I accepted a less than desirable position and compensation to learn the CRM, day to day, sales process and all that jazz. So when the time comes for the door to open, I can transition smoothly.

The position opens and I interview. The VP thought I was “too customer service focused.” Therefore, not a good fit or not ready. Keep that in mind, that’s the ultimate irony in the end of this.

Combine that with working in a situation that they feel is not performing well based on closing percentage, no bueno. Mind you, we were in the top 12 based on overall performance out of 70 or so locations for 2 out of the 3 months I was working there.

Oh, did I mention our business went through a price increase? So we dealt with the fallout from that.

So the company wasn’t sold on me. Nevermind my better than good individual closing percentage, experience and willingness for a less than ideal situation to grow into a better one (loyalty).

I interviewed and thought it went well. Found out shortly after it didn’t. I was told they didn’t have anyone else and it was on hold. The person who told me that said they will keep fighting for me. I was given some advice on how to interview with the president. Be more sales focused. Noted. Easy enough.

Smoke meet mirrors.

That interview never happened. I didn’t hear anything for 2 weeks. Then, the DM was at our location and told someone else about the new hire. Mind you, I’m standing right there and heard it all. That was literally how I found out. Someone else being told about it.

Then proceeds to come tell me about the decision and that other things may open up like recruiting positions. I’m disappointed naturally but took it in stride. Rejection news is never easy to deliver. Have some decorum and respect for me.

Eventually I see a recruiting position. So I asked the DM about it.

Starting pay…$11-13 per hour. Ummmmmm, what? A corporate job paying that? El oh el.

Writing meet the wall.

At that point, I believe I had every reason to be disgruntled. However, I still wasn’t. I started soft looking for potential jobs and obviously found one.

Now, I am bit disgruntled.

Again, I’d be lying if I said one foot wasn’t out the door. That doesn’t mean I’m going out of my way to be spiteful or show any sort of malice. I’m doing what is expected mostly.

I’ll admit there have been hiccups on my end this past week.

Mother’s Day weekend (when I accepted the new position) I did not submit sheets required for our performance improvement plan. We were busy and I played catch up all day including staying an extra 30 minutes after close to prepare and make sure everything was in order for the next day, Mother’s Day.

When you’re understaffed and getting bombarded during a busy weekend, things sometimes fall through the cracks.

I’m not sure what happened between now and then.

With 2 days left, I’m working and the district manager is there. I get called into the office. I’m thinking she’s just going to ask about my notice and the new job.

I opened the conversation and said I assume you know I’ve accepted another position. It is a great opportunity and I would’ve been foolish to pass on.

She then says “yeah I’m not worried about that. I am worried about your attitude.”

I asked what she meant and asked if she would explain. She proceeds to tell me that members have called her complaining about me. She also felt it when I walked in because I wasn’t my normal self.

Apparently, my “Hey ____. How are you today?” didn’t come across as well as “Heyyyyyy what up fam?”

I literally chuckled when she said it and asked for specifics on who she talked to. I was given a vague response minus one about a person I charged for services after that person refused to wear a mask. Because you know, private businesses can still do private business things regardless of what the government says.

Literally the extent of that conversation…

For context, she was already pissed she couldn’t wait in our lobby due to covid restrictions.

Her after walking out of her service: I’m not going to be charged for this am I?

Me: Unfortunately, Yes because _____ needs to get paid for the service time.

Her: I’ll dispute it with my credit card company.

Me: Ok.

*Storms off*

Apparently, our DM was told a “completely different story.” I told her well whatever she told you is completely inaccurate and I have 3 people who can corroborate what happened.

Our conversation continues about everything and she asked if I really wanted to burn a bridge then proceeds to mention my previous employment in which I did not give notice. The reason, they fire you on the spot if you do. The audacity of asking me that and bringing it up…that offended me a bit.

I just said I’m not burning any bridges. I’m not sure how anyone has that idea.

I’m told that I’m going around bad mouthing the company, which I told a few people I felt slighted after not getting the position and I’m excited to start my new job.

Which of course I admitted to saying because well, I fucking said it. I would hardly call that bad mouthing. I didn’t name call anyone. I didn’t say anything that was untruthful. So…

Speaking of, this is the kind of word twisting being done…

Right now, we are experiencing a severe gas shortage in Georgia. I had said earlier in the week when discussing it that “I hope I can get gas otherwise I won’t be able to get here on Saturday (last day) and I’ll have to call out.”

She took that as “I might just call out on Saturday.” Seems like something was lost there. I can’t quite put my finger on it though.

The last two days were certainly interesting and frankly pissed me the fuck off.

I barely get any communication regarding job openings within the company. How I found out I didn’t get the promotion is another employee being told someone was hired. Not to mention when I interviewed, it got rescheduled two hours before it was supposed to happen. I am too customer service focused for a promotion, yet I have an attitude problem. I put in a 2 week notice and all of a sudden I am an asshole. This goes back to what I said about two week notices…

Do we have to really pretend it is something it isn’t?

So with two days left, I guess I burned a bridge without even knowing I did. Imagine if I actually gave a full two weeks or *gasp* actually tried to burn the bridge.

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