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Top 10 Most Underrated Disney Characters

In a long list of greatness, Disney certainly doesn’t sell itself short on characters. I feel like when it comes to Disney characters it can be easy to get lost in the mix because of that. I am sure if you ask 10 people to put together a list of their most underrated, those 10 lists look vastly different.

There was a scene in the movie The Departed where Mr. French steps into a bar fight and tells Billy Costigan “now that’s not quite a guy you can’t hit. But’s it’s almost a guy you can’t hit. So I’m making a ruling. You don’t fucking hit him. You understand?”

That essentially is how I feel about certain characters like Mufasa in terms of being underrated. I don’t know that he quite marks the bill as underrated because I think people know and love Mufasa. On the other hand, he really isn’t talked about as much as he should be. I feel like that could probably be argued for most underrated lists. So I won’t put him.

For me, here is my list of underrated Disney characters…

10. Thomas O’Malley – The Aristocats

Smooth as silk. The alley cat who helped Duchess and her kittens find their way home after being kidnapped. He comes into the movie with a big number singing who he is. Dude goes from living on the streets to housebroken in a rich home. What a come up story for a cat.

9. Iago – Aladdin

First and foremost, when your voiced by Gilbert fucking Gottfried, that gets bonus points. You can hear that voice from a mile away. He is an unfiltered, impolite and quick witted parrot. Quite honestly, he is hilarious.

8. Scuttle – The Little Mermaid

Why do we not talk about dinglehoppers more? If we do, why are we not giving credit where credit is due? Put some damn respect on my man Scuttle’s name. Not to mention, he is one of the most loyal friends a person or mermaid can ask for.

7. Rafiki – The Lion King

All I am saying is, the movie began and ended with him for a reason. Rafiki has and always will be one of my favorite Disney characters, period. He is certifiably insane in the best way imaginable. To no fault of his own, it is hard to stack up to a cast that includes the likes of Simba, Scar, Mufasa, Timon and Pumba. When Simba lost his way, it was Rafiki who ultimately brought him back to reality.

6. Sebastian – The Little Mermaid

Another gem of The Little Mermaid. Sebastian’s main purpose is keeping tabs on Ariel of course. That’s a tall order. In addition, he sings two of the greatest songs in Disney history with Kiss the Girl and Under the Sea.

5. Quasimodo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

It wasn’t until the last year or two I actually sat down and watched Hunchback. Quasi is amazing inside and out. The irony of Judge Frollo thinking Quasi is a monster is painfully obvious. As far as pure hearts go, Quasi probably has a spot near the top in the Disney universe.

4. Professor Ratigan – The Great Mouse Detective

On the opposite end of number five, Rattigan is an evil son of a bitch. He is dark and maliciously evil. When we talk about Disney villains, he is easily the in the top 10 while simultaneously being one of the most forgotten.

3. Bagheera – The Jungle Book

For Jungle Book fans, I feel like the noble, level headed panther gets overshadowed by Baloo (who I also love) and King Louie (also great). He is willing to do the harder tasks for the sake of saving lives like he did for Mowgli.

2. Every Single Cars Character Cars, Cars 2, Cars 3

The Cars trilogy as a whole is CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED. I originally had 3 characters on this list until realizing I should say fuck that. I am just putting the entire character list on here. Lightning McQueen is just WOW! If you don’t understand the reference, please see yourself out. Mater is one of the most underrated sidekicks. Then you have other great characters like Cruz Ramirez and Jackson Storm. This is one of my favorite scenes in the entire trilogy. GOOD EVENING STOOOORM!

1. Powerline – A Goofy Movie

A combination of Michael Jackson and Prince and the best popstar in the entire Disney Universe. He is the end all be all of underrated. There is no other answer. I’ll fight you over that. For all that is holy, we need a full length Powerline album and I would buy the shit out of it.

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