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Hotard Huddle Podcast (Ep43) Q+A Questions Preview

Bring it in!

It is going to be glorious sitting down and recording a podcast again for the first time in 2 months. As per my post on social media sites the Book of Faces and the Gram of Insta, next episode will feature a Q+A. I did this format about a year ago actually. It was a ton of fun so I am excited to answer the questions asked by the fine folks who follow Hotard Huddle.

I asked people to fire away with any question they would like answered on the episode ranging from sports, life, entertainment or whatever the hell their little heart desires. For those who asked, thank you for delivering. I will divide the episode into topics so I am not jumping around like crazy. Let this be your guide to the episode…


Should the best players in the NBA need to play in the Olympics or should we get stuck with clowns like Draymond Green representing the country?

With the success of LSU baseball and popular support of the sport, why hasn’t Baton Rouge gotten a pro baseball team?

Future status of the Pelicans in New Orleans?

Thoughts on Saints QB situation? Long or short term solution?

When will the NFL commit to more advanced goal line technology?

Do you think New Orleans will ever get an MLB team?

Will the 12 team playoff be the death of lame bowl games?

How will the NIL rule affect college athletics? Are FCS schools now at a disadvantage?

Who will win the NBA Finals this year?

How do you feel about Playoff P?

Explain why KD is your favorite player of all time and why is he the GOAT?

Do the Saints make the playoffs?

Is Alvin Kamara a bigger threat with a QB who can throw downfield?

Do Pels go all in on a star to put next to Zion? If so, do they land a Bradley Beal or do I dare dream that Dame gets discontent and want out?

Did the NCAA set a terrible precedent North Carolina State Baseball situation?

Mount Rushmore of US Soccer?


Favorite type of Poboy?

In terms of your career, would you do anything differently or potentially stick with being a journalist? Work politics aside, would you write for a local column or even a national service like BR or ESPN?

Do you think jorts will make a comeback in our lifetime?

How confident are you that you will be sacko again in fantasy football?

How’s it feel to have an awful fantasy record in our league?

Did you turn magnetic after getting your shot?

Why is Atlanta better than New Orleans?


What is the one movie or show you hear others talk about that you have yet to see?

Who wins a Disney Villain Battle Royale? Why?

Predict a nostalgic movie or tv show that will suck us in like Mighty Ducks or Cobra Kai?

Politics / Social Issues

If Dave Batista Batista Bombed every pothole in New Orleans, how long would be bombing?

Who would win in a cage match at Wrestlemania? Latoya “Destroya” Cantrell or Bill Cosby?

Who dies in space first Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos?

Was John McAfee murdered or did he commit suicide?

Thoughts on the Kevin Strickland case?

What’s with the hate from Gen Z to Millennials? Fashion digs to calling us Cheugy?

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