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NBA Postseason Thoughts Thus Far

Normally, I am glued to the tube during the NBA playoffs. In the last 5-6 years, I can probably count on 2 hands the number of games I have missed. New job and life happening has been having me busy. I feel like I have been behind on everything as of late from the blog (4 posts this month), AEW and the sports world. I am trying to work my way back though.

Although I haven’t been quite as glued to the NBA playoffs as per usual, here are some general thoughts I have about what we have seen thus far…

Curry and LeBronless Postseason

Considering the last time we saw a finals let alone a conference finals without LeBron and/or Curry was 2010. It feels so unnatural without either of them competing in this year. I really don’t know how I feel about it. On one hand, it is awesome to see new blood reaching the pinnacle of the NBA. On the other hand, I love watching these two more than anyone in the league.

LeBron obviously makes everyone around him better which is why we have seen him reach final after final despite injuries and everything in between.

Curry obviously because of the 3 pointer and range. One of the things he doesn’t get enough credit for is how active he is on both ends of the floor. He is as active as they come on the defensive end and even more so on the offensive end. Not only does he create space for himself because of it, he creates space for his teammates.

Rise of Devin Booker and Trae Young

Playing into my last point of new blood, here they are. Devin Booker and Trae Young have been the new blood everyone is talking about. Both are leading two franchises who lack hardware so maybe they break that mold this year. Both are exciting offensive playmakers who similarly have games where their efficiency can hurt your team, but when they’re on, bless the defense’s heart. Both of them can get to the rack and finish or draw the foul. Both can make you pay from deep.

I am pretty stoked about the fact that Trae Young and the Hawks are in my backyard because they are fun to watch. I love Young’s tenacity when he’s feeling himself. The little shimmy against the Bucks in game 1 before nailing a 3 was nothing short of glorious.

Meanwhile Book has drawn comparison to the late and great Kobe. While unfair and premature, I think that speaks more volumes that people recognize just how special Booker can be.

Oh Damn Giannis

When I had outlined what I wanted to say here it was better lucky than good sometimes. Now not so much after the knee injury he sustained just a bit ago. I want Giannis to get a championship so bad. For all the bitching about super teams and no competitiveness, Giannis has been polar opposite of that wanting to bring home a title to Milwaukee. I’d love to see it happen for him and Bucks after the years of disappointment as we anticipate him taking the next step. Hopefully this injury does not keep him out long and the Bucks can withstand as it appears this series will be even 2-2.

The biggest problem is Giannis is playing in the wrong era of the NBA. People may laugh at the comparisons to Shaq, but it isn’t wrong. The problem is Giannis is playing in a time where the best teams are built from the outside in where as Shaq played in a time where the best teams were built from the inside out.

Nets – Cha Cha Cha Charmin

*Takes breath*

Insert hatred links for the following…

Kevin Durant : https://hotardhuddle.com/2020/02/11/kevin-durant-i-have-never-seen-a-superstar-be-such-a-bitch/

Kyrie Irving: https://hotardhuddle.com/2019/05/11/kyrie-irving-is-not-the-superstar-you-thought/

James Harden: https://hotardhuddle.com/2021/01/14/james-harden-on-the-move-nets-should-change-their-name-to-charmin/

The worst part is Kevin Durant is getting heralded for his second round appearance playing right into what I said in that link above. He always got a pass for things others didn’t. Then bitches about the media’s portrayal of him. Get bent.

CP3 and Monty Williams

New Orleans fans are scratching their head about this one I am sure. Players leave New Orleans and all of a sudden find more success. That city doesn’t deserve a basketball franchise at this point. After disappointing with Chris Paul, Anthony Davis and Zion Williamson…good God.

CP3 may be on the way to his first title, which I don’t really like because I can’t stand him. That being said, it is real hard to pull again Monty Williams. After the tragedy he faced and how highly respected he is, it would be amazing to see him hoist that trophy in the end.

Suns in 4

Absolute legend.

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